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Now Match with the Right Talent.

Problems our clients face when outsourcing
  • Hiring in-house talent costs a fortune
  • Your projects need completing, quickly
  • The traditional hiring process is complex
  • You haven't found the right match for you
  • Your competition is making moves
  • You need reliable talent to count on

You can now find, consult and hire top talent that you can trust, through our in-house portal.

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Why we've brought
outsourcing, in-house

Free consultations

We allows you to work with talent, for free, so you can meet the right freelancers.

Hire with confidence

Consultations mean you trust who you work with, in advance.

Eliminate the middleman

Avoid agencies and consultants. Save money by eliminating high markups.

Ensure quick turnarounds

We process payments and invoicing. You've got better things to do.

Book a freelancer

Sign up to our portal

Create a business profile. Our unique matching algorithm will find you suitable freelancers, for jobs and consultations.

Book your consultations

Find the freelancer that suits you. Book them in for a 2 hour consultation to get the ball rolling and build a rapport.

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Post a job

Fire out your tasks and projects to our in-built jobs board. Work with someone you trust.

Leave the admin to us

We will process all of your payments and invoices. You’ve got better things to be doing.

Outsource with confidence


Beyond simple checks

When onboarding a freelancer, we're after specialist professionals only.


Experts, chosen by experts

A designer will always be reviewed by a fellow designer, a writer by a writer, so on and so forth.


Run it by us

We collect feedback on every consultation that takes place with our clients.


“Every week, we get to work with a range of talented young professionals, to get new insights and ideas on everything we do.”

Sam Leggit

CEO, Acquinas Education


“We were able to add the finishing touches to a marketing campaign by working with an introu freelancer on a series of Instagram posts.”

Nana Ackah

Founder, Olo Digital Solutions


“Whenever I need tasks completed at short notice, I can put out job posts, or reach out to a freelancer I've already met through the platform, quickly and easily.”

Sam Keisner

Founder, Go10xVentures


“There's a talented pool of creatives and audio engineers that we use on a consistent basis. We can directly book them in for ongoing work.”

Rachael Fine

Graphic Designer