It's a date. Meet a range of
likeminded businesses and
professionals interested in
getting to know you better.

The first of its kind, introu Consultation system allows freelancers and clients to get to know each other better before working together. It's proven to generate ongoing, long-term relationships.

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Why our Consultation system works


First impressions

Our system helps you get off to the right start, every time.


Better matches

We use your consultations to pair you with better clients.


Building connections

The 2 hour structure is designed to generate lifelong connections.


Marketplace burnout

Stop taking on quick projects which lead nowhere.

How Daniil turned a consultation into a fully-blown contract

Through meeting a director at easyJet for a consultation, Daniil was able to build trust and secure his next client.

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You set the tone

Each of your two monthly consultations will allow us to learn more about your style, who you like working with and which clients to put you in touch with.

Siobhan showed off her skills to Gorillas in advance, securing ongoing photography work

Siobhan did photography at a Gorillas event through a consultation, and found that she became their ongoing paid photographer.

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First impressions go far

introu freelancers who attend more consultations are proven to meet more ongoing, long-term clients. Our system builds respect and trust between clients and freelancers.

Consultations make meeting the right talent an easier process at Vistaprint.

By breaking a project down across a diverse range of freelancers, Michael could launch his product with confidence and efficiency.

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introu Lab

Behavioural analysis

We design our 2 hour consultations around how and when our users focus and innovate best.

User surveys

We conduct regular UX surveys to learn about how our consultation system is working.

Scientific literature

Our unique formula for getting you longer-lasting clients is backed by research and analytics.


“Every week, we get to work with a range of talented young professionals, to get new insights and ideas on everything we do.”

Sam Leggit

CEO, Acquinas Education


“We were able to add the finishing touches to a marketing campaign by working with an introu freelancer on a series of Instagram posts.”

Nana Ackah

Founder, Olo Digital Solutions


“Whenever I need tasks completed at short notice, I can put out job posts, or reach out to a freelancer I've already met through the platform, quickly and easily.”

Sam Keisner

Founder, Go10xVentures


“There's a talented pool of creatives and audio engineers that we use on a consistent basis through introu. We can directly book them in for ongoing work.”

Rachael Fine

Graphic Designer