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How we can pay our freelancers 100% of their earnings, as well as an
unconditional bonus, on every job.

Our formula that gives back to freelancers, and protects your budget.
  • 1

    Freelancer sends invoices

    Freelancers and businesses agree on invoicing frequency. The freelancer then invoices the business directly from the job post on the introu platform.

  • 2

    Business pays invoice

    The company pays introu, and we will pay our freelancer, in full, taking 0% commission. A 10% fee is paid by the business to introu.

  • 3

    We pay freelancer a bonus

    introu gives back a bonus to the freelancer upon completing a job. This means a freelancer always makes more by using introu.

Payment methods

Bank wires

introu processes bank transfers from all over the world. Our international team of account managers work are at hand 24/7.

Credit cards

introu accepts the use of credit cards via the platform. Please note that this will include a 3.9% fee which will be added to all invoices.

Transparent network fees

introu's unique business model allows freelancers to retain 100% of their earnings and make an extra bonus on every job. Our businesses can make their budgets go further by cutting out the middlemen.

Fee type Who pays Who collects Fee amount
Platform fee Freelancer introu 0%
Platform fee Business introu 10%
Credit card fee Business Stripe 3.9%

Full transparency

How we can guarantee a bonus on every job

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