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Why businesses are outsourcing with introu

Our talent is incentivised

Our matching system finds you clients that stick around, not mess you around.

We give you a quality guarantee

introu Consultations lead to better relationships with clients, by demonstrating your skills in advance.

We eliminate high markups

Our world-class consultation system exposes your talent, creating sustainable client relationships with clients.

We help you hire fast

We believe anyone looking for work should be able to find it. We only match you with clients that will help you achieve your career goals.

We're cost effective

Getting paid when promised is as important as getting paid in full. So we ensure your clients deliver on deadlines.

Free consultations

An unconditional 1% bonus on every job you complete. It's time freelancers were rewarded properly.

Happy freelancers. Successful relationships

Do it your own way, with full financial control.

Dan Parry

Email Marketing Expert

40 hrs/wk

Genika Stewart

Chartered Accountant

40 hrs/wk

Ryan French

UX/UI Designer

25 hrs/wk

Rachel Akaster


72 hrs/wk


Mike Harrison

Frontend Engineer

40 hrs/wk
New York

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How we compare to agencies and consultants

Freelancer match
48 hours

Agencies and consultants

1-3 months
Freelancer markup
Free consultations
Pre-vetted talent
Quality guarantee
Incentive alignment

See how our Consultation system gets results

“2 hours with Vistaprint was just the start”

Sam continued to advise Vistaprint after his initial consultation ended. They're now a major client.

“Getting to meet the guys from easyJet was cool”

And working with them was even cooler. How Daniil turned a consultation into a full-time contract.

“One photography job led to the next... and the next”

Find out how Siobhan's initial Consultation became an full-time, photography gig.

The future of work
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Free consultations

introu allows you to work with talent, for free, so you can meet the right freelancers.

Hire with confidence

Consultations mean you trust who you work with, in advance.

Eliminate the middleman

Avoid agencies and consultants. Save money by eliminating high markups.

Ensure quick turnarounds

introu processes payments and invoicing. You've got better things to do.


“Every week, we get to work with a range of talented young professionals, to get new insights and ideas on everything we do.”

Sam Leggit

CEO, Acquinas Education


“We were able to add the finishing touches to a marketing campaign by working with an introu freelancer on a series of Instagram posts.”

Nana Ackah

Founder, Olo Digital Solutions


“Whenever I need tasks completed at short notice, I can put out job posts, or reach out to a freelancer I've already met through the platform, quickly and easily.”

Sam Keisner

Founder, Go10xVentures


“There's a talented pool of creatives and audio engineers that we use on a consistent basis through introu. We can directly book them in for ongoing work.”

Rachael Fine

Graphic Designer